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The HVB company strives to provide the best quality and quantity of material toward building your home. With over 18 years experience, building and living in the Dominican Republic, we know which materials sustain this tropical climate best and what our clients want and look for.

Upon request, we are able to design your garden, sow a lawn and plant borders, and do the rough and finer leveling of beds as well as construct paths and driveway following the outlined plan. We can surround your plot with natural stone, brickwork, hibiscus hedges or whatever else you may wish.

We believe in excellent customer satisfaction and do our best to help make the dominican republic a comfortable and enjoyable second home.

HVB S.A. offers to its prospective clients:

  • Support and individual sightseeing tours
  • Reputable Notaries for the transactions
  • Registering the Property in City Planning
  • Assistance in acquiring your Permanent Residence Permit
  • Business Incorporation
  • Opening a Personal or Business Account
  • Development and Planning
  • Construction Management up to a Turnkey Agreement
  • Property Management ie Rent, Administration

Our office is located between Sosúa and the surfer’s paradise of Cabarete, where you can find the most popular sites for Investors and Home Buyers.

Specialists on site are able to fulfill your wishes, to listen to your ideas, and to give you any information required about your investment in the Dominican Republic.