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Owning a small piece of paradise in the Caribbean might seem like a mere pipe dream for most real estate investors. However, lucrative opportunities for investment are like buried treasure: there’s great potential for profit, as long as one knows where to look.

Below, NuWire presents Top 5 picks for best places to buy property in the Caribbean. These islands offer the natural beauty and divine weather that the Caribbean is famous for, with fewer drawbacks; common downsides include high cost of land, risk of hurricanes and high poverty and crime rates. With a little digging, the tropical enthusiast might discover that owning a piece of paradise is both possible and profitable.

  1. Trinidad & Tobago – As the Caribbean’s leading producer of oil and gas, Trinidad and Tobago stands out as a relatively industrialized country. Its economy relies primarily on the oil industry, although tourism ……
  2. Aruba – Aruba’s official motto is “One happy island.” With a booming tourist industry and prosperous residential population, that certainly seems to be the case. The island welcomes more than 1.5 million visitors each year …..
  3. Dominican Republic – The Dominican Republic is large compared to most other countries in the Caribbean (it’s twice the size of New Hampshire) and it offers a wide range of opportunities for affordable real estate. The country’s economy relies heavily on tourism; the tourism industry generates 58.2 percent of the ….
  4. Bonaire & Curacao – Bonaire and Curacao, known as the Windward Islands of the Netherlands Antilles, are located off the coast of Venezuela, below the hurricane belt. The economy, which is primarily based on tourism and some oil production…..
  5. Roátan & Corn Islands – Lesser-known tropical destinations such as Roatán and the Corn Islands offer visitors beautiful Caribbean coastline with a secluded charm. According to Lonely Planet, Roatán has seen a rise in tourism and has experienced increasing popularity……

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